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You often need IT repair

Slowing or stopping your business operations because of poorly managed IT is a problem that hurts your business.

You keep missing opportunities to grow

When you miss out on business opportunities because of the technological limitations you have.

Our Services

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Don’t risk losing your business because of data loss. We guarantee less downtime and faster recovery. Back up your data and implement a disaster recovery strategy to avoid costly business interruption

Reliable Cyber Security Service

24/7 Human-led, machine-driven Managed Detection and Response provides cutting-edge protection so you can stay ahead of attackers and out of the news. Powered by the Cybernet Securities security Analytics Platform.

Strategic IT Consultant Service

Don’t just assume your problems will disappear.We do a full assessment to address critical technology issues for both short-and long-term success.

Worry-Free Managed IT Systems

Never fear that your technology will be outdated or unreliable. We utilize your network systems capabilities for maximum performance and stability.

Benefits of Working with an IT Professional Services Organization


Cybernet Securities meets your organization where you are. Whether you do not know where to start or just need a little support, our IT professional services can help. We have over two decades of experience managing projects to help businesses thrive.

IT Strategy & Planning

Whether you need help reaching crucial project milestones or a custom IT support package, Cybernet securities has the managed services your business needs to run well in our digital age. We offer customized support packages because each of our clients has different needs.

Achieve business success

From day one, we are here for you and your company. We care about the success of your business.

Meet with Our Team

David Dexter

David Dexter from Ireland is one of our gems and he has 11 years of experience in this field. He has worked with very big companies where he learned a lot and now he is capable enough to troubleshoot anything. Just because of his great work and unique way to deal with the issues he rewarded many times and he was interview many times in recent 3 years. You may have even read about him in some articles. 

Ryan Schreiber

Ryan Schreiber is from Newzealand and he is the main pillar behind the building. He is psycho to his work. From the time he joined cybernet, he never takes a single leave. Till the time he didn’t solve the client’s trouble he never leaves his desk. He is one of those employees because of who cybernet securities is ruling the whole market and customer’s heart.

Jorge Cruz

Jorge Cruz belongs to that place which is famous for “tequila”. Yes, we are talking about Mexico. And in Cybernet, Jorge is famous for his expertise in networks. He is enough capable to deal with any kind of network-related issues. Doesn’t matter whether the trouble is easy or the toughest one. He is having 14 years of experience and we are really so lucky to have a member like him in our team. 

Say Goodbye to IT Headaches - 24*7 Helpline

We have over a decade of experience providing IT solutions and software innovation with modern resources and expertise.

At cybernet, we never sleep for a second because we never want to miss any calls from you as we understand how bad it feels when any of our products stop working. As we have already told you that we have a team of experts who are willing to solve the trouble with which you are dealing right now.So you can call on the numbers given below and within second an expert will pick your call and provide you an accurate solution. 


Managed IT Support​

Cloud Solution Provider

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“Cybernet securities has been very effective in offering support for a variety of issues. Two thumbs for every call!”
Shelby Spak


“Cybernet securities is a great company! They’re true experts in their field and are always happy to help in any way they can.”
Courtney Casey


Highly recommend Cybernet securities. Our management company uses them exclusively for all of our IT needs. They are prompt on responses, complete requests in a timely manner & the techs are always personable!
Robbie Maris